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How to change apple watch band- 3 simple steps to follow

 What you will know

  • How to remove and replace an Apple Watch Band(step by step)

  • Video guide on how to switch Apple Watch Bands from Apple

Usually, change the Apple Watch band is easy. If you are not tech-savvy or a newbie to apple watch, you can follow the below steps to remove your watch band for a new one.

Apple watch and replacement bands by Alex Azabache from Unsplash.com


How to remove and replace an Apple Watch Band(step by step)

Before we start, check and make sure your replacement apple watch bands are compatible with your smartwatch. Note:38/40mm bands work with the 38mm/40mm watch case, 42/44mm bands perfect fit 42mm/44mm watch.

Step 1. Take off your watch from the wrist. Put your Apple Watch face down to a soft and thick cloth or mat.


Step 2. Press and hold the "band release button" on the back of your apple watch in oval near the watch top and bottom parts. Simply slide the strap to the left and slide out, repeat for the other side of the strap.

Step 3. Make sure the outside of the new band towards outwards, slide each side of the band into slots until you hear a click into place. 

Video guide on how to replace Apple Watch Bands from Apple 

Hope more easier to follow step by step, and pls watch the Apple official watch band change video below:

Or you can visit below support article on how to change apple watch bands from Apple:



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