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How to resizing a stainless steel apple watch band- A Surprising Tool To Help You

 What you will know
  • Which tools you need to resize the stainless steel link bracelet
  • Step by step guide to remove the stainless steel band links for a perfect fit on your wrist
When you buy a cool and sturdy stainless steel apple watch bands, it is too large for most people's wrist. You should remove one or more links from the band. You can take your new band to a watch shop or jeweler, but this will cost you time and money.
Resize a stainless steel watch band may be daunting for many people. With the right equipment or tools, it is not so difficult as you image, it is easy as DIY the homework with your kids.

Veecircle recommends a cheap and straightforward Stainless Steel Watch Band Link Removal Tool. In 5-10 minutes you can resize your new band for a perfect fit.

 Which tools do you need to resize the stainless steel watch band?

Tools to remove stainless steel bracelet links

You can also click "band link remove tool" to check detail


STEP 1, Put the stainless steel band in the right direction

Turn your Apple Watch band over and look for the printed arrows - this indicates which direction you will need to push the pins out.

stainless steel watch band with arrow to remove


STEP 2,  Adjust the band to match the link removal tool

Place the watch band into the link removal tool, aligning the arrows on the back of the band with the pins on the tool.

link remove tool with stainless steel band on

STEP 3, Twist the handle to remove the links

Gently twist the handle on the tool until the link pin pops out. Repeat until you have removed enough links to ensure a good fit to your wrist.

stainless steel band pin post out

STEP 4,  Reinsert the pins and push to the band

Reinsert the pins and push it back until flush with the edge of the band with caution. You may need to use the tool to help push it back in if it is too hard to push in by hand.

push pin back to the stainless steel band

Wear the resized stainless steel band on your wrist to test whether it is good to go. If it is too loose, repeat the above steps again until it is a perfect fit.

Also, you can follow this video on how to adjust your metal watch strap:

 You will be the hero of your girlfriend, your wife, even your kids with the tool and follow instructions!


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