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Apple Watch Bands Wiki

Apple Watch Band is the watch strap special made for Apple Watch and straps iwatch on your wrist.  

Apple Watch Series 5 sport loop Milanese loop link bracelet and sport band

Apple Watch Bands are available in two sizes: fit for 38mm/40mm watch case and 42mm/44mm watch case.

Usually, the Apple Watch bands made from metal, leather, rubber, silicone, and cloth. Metal watch bracelet usually use stainless steel, Titanium, 925 silver or 18K gold. The leather band usually use calf and exotic skin. The cloth apple watch loop most is denim, canvas, and woven nylon. Some apple watch band even use material like ceramic, wood, and precious stones.

The original Apple Watch Band is designed and distributed by Apple Inc. Apple lists 6 types of watch bands in Y2019. Including Sports Band, Sports Loop, Leather, Hermès, Link Bracelet, and Milanese loop.

Here is the full collection of Apple Watch Original band pictures.

How much are apple watch bands?

Apple Watch original sport band and sport loop are $49, the same as the Nike sport band. The Milanese loop and leather loop are $99. Modern buckle band price is $149, link bracelet is so expensive at $449, higher than Series 3 and Series 5 Apple Watch itself(aluminum case)!     

Apple Watch Hermès bands are pricy as their luxury goods, the leather single tour is $339, double tour $489, the 44mm Fauve Barénia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle price as high as $539!!!

Apple Watch original bands are so expensive that many consumers buy replacement straps from third-party sellers. As they are much cheaper at similar quality, more styles, designs, materials for selection.

How much are aftermarket apple watch bands?

Most apple watch aftermarket bands prices are from $10-$39 bases on different material, crafts, and shipping fees, some branded band may be higher at $49-$99. 

Titanium apple watch band is expensive, Nomad offer one at $199.95!

Some exotic leather apple watch straps are expensive too, most calfskin leather loop price under $100, ostrich skin iwatch bands around $137-$199.

Stingray leather straps price range $120-$199, Python snake $99-$169, Lizard $120-$220.

The most expensive leather apple watch band is genuine alligator band,  price usually from $199-$399!!!

Precious metal and real stone made apple watch bands are very very expensive, the LAGOS Sterling Silver Smart Caviar Diamond Apple Smartwatch Strap price is as high as $8500 with 2.48 ct diamonds!!!!!!

The silver made LAGOS sterling apple watch strap price is $950. The 18K Yellow Gold for 38mm price at $1900! 

Why Apple Watch Bands are so expensive?

expensive Apple Watch original bands from Apple website

Apple invests a lot of money on the apple watch band design team and manufacturers. For example, it takes Ivy(Apple chief designer) one year to finally decide the link bracelet structure. The apple watch and the band design cost is so high that we can hardly imagine. The design of apple watch bands, prototype making, test, evaluation spends millions of dollars.
Apple watch link bracelet use top-class material 316L stainless steel(same as the watch case). Each link bracelet has more than 100 components and takes 9 hours from parts machine, laser welding, and precision assembly.
High-accuracy CNC machine cost, precision assembly losses, and high defects rate. Plus Apple's always high-profit rate on all Apple devices. So the retail price is incredibly high as $349(silver)/$449(space black).

What watch straps should we use for different occasions?

man holding leather strap watch from a box of watches
Usually, sports bands are perfect for sports like running, swimming or even surfing as it is waterproof.
The sport loop fits great for hiking, jogging, dog walking or everyday use.
Milanese and link bracelets are suitable for party, friends meeting.
The leather loop, modern buckle, and Hermes strap are best for a business meeting, negotiation or similar formal occasions.
So every apple watch owner should have at least three bands to fit the different needs: sport, leisure, work and social.
You plan to run after work, you may need to change the leather loop to the sport band, how to change apple watch band? 
There is a band release button on the back of the watch case, press it and slide leather loop to left and change for the sport band. You can check the above blog for detail instruction step by step. Works with Series 5 4 and 3 2 1, so easy to remove the old band and replace with a new strap.
After days wear, the watch band gets dirty, how to clean your apple watch strap? Read the blog to clean your sport band, sport loop and leather bands in simple steps.

  Frequently Asked Questions:

1,  Will apple watch bands fit Samsung galaxy watch?

Samsung Gear LiveÔľĆGear S3 frontier & classic¬†and¬†¬†Galaxy Watch 46mm watch bandwidth is the same as Apple Watch 38mm/40mm, all 22mm. So you can transfer an Apple Watch Band to fit Samsung smartwatch with a lug if the iwatch band compatible.

2,  Will apple watch bands fit Fitbit Versa 2?

Currently, we don't believe Fitbit Versa 2 bands fit Apple Watch. Versa 2 use peg and pin to attach smartwatch, totally different from Apple Watch's lug.

3,  Will apple watch bands fit all series?

Nope, Apple Watch Series 1 2 3 38mm band fit Series 4 5 40mm watch case.

Apple Watch Series 1 2 3 42mm watch band fit Series 4 5 of 44mm case.

The band for 38mm/40mm watch case not fit a 42/44mm case.

4,  Are apple watch bands interchangeable between series 3 and 4?

Yes, the 38mm series 3 bands fit 40mm series 4 watch

The band for 42mm series 3 fits 44mm series 4 too.

5,  Are apple watch bands waterproof?

Only the sport band is waterproof.  Other bands like sport loop, leather loop, Milanese loop, link bracelet, and leather bands are all not waterproof.

6,  Are apple watch bands washable?

Sport band, sport loop, milanese loop, link bracelet are washable with fresh water and neutral dish soap and should be dry overnight.

Leather loop and Hermes leather bands are not washable.


Apple Watch Bands Buying guide:

Apple Watch Bands Reputed Brands

 Reputed third party apple watch band brands

Brief introduction of famous third-party apple watch straps brands

Nomad, Casetify, Barton, Clockwork Synergy, Veecircle, Monowear, Epic, Kate Spade, Ullu and more

Nomad is good at its Titanium watch band for apple watch. The official price is at $199.95 with black and silver color option. Nomad also provides leather straps, silicone sport band and stainless steel bracelet for Apple Watch 5 4 3 and before version.

Casetify is great at custom smartphone and apple watch strap with unique design. They have huge artists list and provides distinctive iPhone cases, apple watch straps, apple watch case, Airpod case, MacBook snap case, iPad Folio, and Samsung phone case. You can even custom some watch bands with the integrated color editor for your own bands!

Barton has wide selection watch bands, including apple watch bands, most bands are for timepiece, they also offer bands for Apple Watch, Samsung smartwatch, Fossil, Amazfit bands are also available in the online shop. Barton prefers quick release and NATO-style watch bands. As most bands are made from canvas, nylon, and silicone, the watch strap price is fair and much more friendly than Nomad/Casetify.

Clockwork Synergy is quite similar to Barton, apple watch strap is in the product range, but only a part. They all provide quick release watch strap, NATO strap, prefer nylon material. The price is fair and near to Barton, but the apple watch bands are higher.

Veecircle carefully selects the top-notch quality apple watch bands of different materials and styles. Listing most welcomed bands on the website. The hot-selling iwatch bands are all available, many new watch straps like hybrid/resin/ceramic are listed to meet the diverse taste. They have a large collection of leather strap in genuine/vegan leather. Including classic buckle, double tour, leather loop, color block, glitter, handmade twist strip bracelet and more! The price is on the average and below.

Monowear design and retail different styles leather strap, nylon band and the metal band for apple watch. The styles are fashion and stylish, many consumers like them. The price is higher than average. They also have band storage chests to organize your watch bands.

Epic have a large collection of popular apple watch bands too. They have exotic band collection including artist design, natural wood band, fusion band. They are pricy than other bands.

Kate Spade design unique watch bands for apple watch. They are in different texture of leopard spots, scallops, scallop-trimmed, delightful prints. The price is higher than Monowear, a bit lower than Coach watch strap for Apple Watch.

Ullu is excellent at exotic leather bands like genuine alligator, stingray skin, the price is quite high, looks very unique.

Strapco provides lots leather, rubber, stainless steel and exotic straps for 15 branded timepieces and 8 most welcomed samrtwatches. The timepiece OEM bracelets brands including IWC, Hublot, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai,  Omega, Tag Heuer,  Jaeger Lecoultre, Cartier, Seiko, Tissot, Luminox and more. Strapco also provide bands for these smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, Suunto, Huawei, Tomtom and Polar.

Welcomed third-party Apple Watch Bands lists

Strap Brand Strap Photo Strap Name Material  Pros Cons Retail Price Remark
Barton Barton canvas apple watch band army green APPLE WATCH | ARMY GREEN CANVAS Canvas

1, Comfortable to wear on the wrist

2, High quality material

3, Easy to take on and off

4, Nice color and looking

5, Fair price

1,Stiching not good as expected

2, Buckle fell off

3, Metal clapse broke easily

4, Easy worn out

Casetify  Printed leather apple watch bands saffiano leather

1, Lots of design for selection

2, Pretty and stylish

3, Affordable, not too expensive


1, Made from faux leather

2, Some bands quality not so good as expected

3, Some designs are awful

$52 Lots of designs
Clockwork Synergy Armygreen NATO strap for Apple Watch Heavy NATO Nylon Watch Bands for Apple Nylon

1, Very durable and stylish

2, Comfortable to wear on the wrist

3, NATO looks

1, Someone think it too rough on the wrist

2, The pin to connect band and lug is too weak

Epic Active Silicone Band Silicone

1, Large collection of colors

2, Perfect fit on the wrist

3, Double pins, more secure

4, Reasonable price

1, A bit too thinner than the original Apple's Nike sport band

2, A little lighter than Nike sport band


Veecircle Deluxe Ceramic Single Bead Strap Ceramic

1,Easy to adjust strap size

2, Elegent and stylish looking

3, Not easy scratched

4, Good price

1, A bit too heavy

2, The buckle is a bit too tight, not easy to take on/off

$39.9 Comes with resize tool to adjust length to fit wrist
Epic FUSION WATCH BANDS wood + stainless steel

1, Classy and stylish

2, Good quality

3, Lightweight

4, Easy to adjust band length

1, Some customer find the buckle to sensitive and will easily loose

2, There will be color difference from photo to the band you receive

3, Too pricy

Kate Spade Leather Apple Watch Strap faux leather

1, Stylish and beatiful looking

2, Good quality

3, Feminine best for women

4, Get a lot of compliments on this Apple watch band


1, Some user think the leather was very stiff , not comfortable on the wrist

2, The buckle stopped working easily

3, Too pricy

Monowear Contemporary Leather Cuff Band Grained leather

1, Beautiful looking

2, Slim profile, comfortable to wear

3, Good quality

1, The color more like light pink/purple than taupe as described

2, The metal cuff part not good enough


Nomad Titanium Band Titanium

1, High quality and workmanship

2, Lightweight and sleek

3, Comfortable on the wrist

1, The clasp is a bit too difficult to lock

2, The coating may off after a few months wear

Strapco Dassari Carbon Fiber Strap carbon fiber + leather

1, Stylish and sporty

2, Incredibly comfortable

3, Very cool carbon fiber-look

NA $44.9

1, Unique stingray leather

2, Hand colored and crafted

3, Premium Apple lug, more secure

4, Excellent quality

1, Only stainless steel lugs for selection

2, Custom product, need wait long time


Veecircle Christmas Santa Claus Silicone Strap silicone

1, Welcoming Christmas elements

2, Soft premium silicone

3, Good quality 

1, The band is very thick, a bit heavier than expected


Veecircle High Quality leather strap leather

1, Sytlish and beautiful looking

2, Excellent quality

3, Comfortable on the wrist

1, Little color difference


Nomad Sport Strap silicone

1, Looks sharp

2, Flexbile and comfortable

3, Good width for big wrist

1, A magnet of dust and lint

2, Don't secure to the watch

Coach Apple Watch Strap With Charms leather

1, Clean, understated look

2, Lightweight and soft

3, Comfortable on the wrist

1, The metal hangtag fade after short time

2, It pull threads in my sweaters



Which are the best apple watch bands?

Different people have their own opinions, of course, apple original bands are great if you are not limited to budget.
You can also select some of the best apple watch bands from these brands/sellers:

Apple - All original sport band, sport loop, Milanese loop, leather loop, Modern buckle, Link Bracelet

Hermès - All leather watch bands

Coach - All leather Apple Watch Leather Band Bracelets

Nomad - Titanium, stainless steel and leather watch straps

Monowear - Leather watch strap for iwatch

Veecircle - Ceramic, leather and silicone watch bands

ullu - Alligator leather and stingray skin strap for apple watch 5 4 and 3 2 1

Barton - NATO straps and quick release watch straps

Casetify - Genuine Italian leather watch band kit(double tour + single strapÔľČ

Epic - Wood, ceramic and fusion bands

Which is the best apple watch band to buy(budget bands)?

Apple Watch original band- Sport band, sport loop and Nike sport band

Nomad- Titanium iwatch band bracelet

Casetify- Custom a band from the artist you like for your Apple Watch

Barton- Canvas quick release and NATO bands, silicone band

Clockwork Synergy- NATO strap and quick release watch strap

Veecircle- Leather loop, ceramic bands and holiday printed silicone bands

Monowear- Leather cuff and leather bands

Epic- Silicone active sport band, ceramic band and fushion watch band

Kate spade- Slicone band with texture/flora and leather band

UllU- exotic leather bands, especially the alligator leather and stingray skin bands for Apple Watch.

Strapco- If you didn't find the right strap for your apple watch, find it here. Huge listing of different materials and styles for your selection.

Where to buy Apple Watch Bands?

You can buy from the store or buy it online as you wish.

In the Store:

Apple Retail Store

Apple authorized retailer





E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Esty.

Many third-party websites like below:












Apple Watch Bands Trouble-shooting:

1, Apple watch band is stuck, can't get off the band

Usually, press the band release button on the back side of watch case, slide the band to the left side or right side, the band will move little bit and will off. 

If the release button is not able to hold down, try these methods:

1, Try the WD40 and alcohol to loose the release button, most times, it worked, the band can remove the watch band.

2, Use dish soap and warm water combination if your Apple Watch is waterproof(first generation not apply)

3, Wrapping dental floss around the whole end, pulled down into the cracks, forced in between the watch and the band at the stuck place to slide down the band end. 

4, Go to a jeweller for help, they have lots of tools to remove the band off the watch case.


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